About us

What We Do?

We help people run businesses more sanely. It leads to happier people, entrepreneurs, and better companies.

Our own company was founded on remote work with frequent video calls. Our initial customers were all home service companies who we helped online. As we served and became friends with many of these customers we realized they were just like us minus the time to figure out new things online.

We shared little lessons about how we ran our business virtually. They would gradually adopt these same simple practices... like implementing Google Workspace and holding client meetings over video. It brought some sanity to the day-to-day operations.

Next though came their customers. You might not know this, but every customer is not the best customer, and communication is the root of most frustration. A simple "hey sent me a few pictures of that" can save a lot of headaches, so we set out to make this simple thus GoBoost virtual was born.

Two Main Tools

Virtual Work Request Widget
Instead of a 'contact form', direct customers to submit a virtual work request which makes it simple for them to submit pictures and videos.
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Virtual Lobby
The virtual lobby is an online meeting space where you can host face-to-face video calls with anyone. It lives on your website and is simple to get in and out of.
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