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Face-to-Face Communication

Get direct access to your customers through a built-in virtual lobby. This allows you to talk to them live.

Virtual Lobby

Meet live over video call with your customers in your very own virtual lobby.

Simplicity is the key. No downloads. No apps. No limits.

With features like screen sharing and optional recording, it's a great way to communicate with customers or teammates.

The virtual lobby can be set up on a new page on your website. The branding can be adjusted to match. When you and a customer are both in this virtual lobby its a video call (just like a zoom, gotomeeting, google meet, etc) except there are no downloads required and it generally just works.

You can try it for free by signing up for a free trial.

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Steps to Set Up a free virtual lobby

Step 1
Sign up
Step 2
Customize colors and logo.
Step 3
Get link to the live meeting
Step 4
Direct customers to meet you by clicking  the link

Virtual Requests

People submit videos and images of their requests (we refer to them as 'virtual work requests'). No apps or downloads needed, resulting in an easy and fast submission.
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Steps to Get Virtual Requests

Step 1
Sign Up
Step 2
Customize your widget
Step 3
Embed widget on your website
Step 4
Check email for notifications when customers use it

Simple workflows

Save time, money, and hassle with more effective communication.
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