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Frequently Asked Questions


Do my customers need to download an app?

No. When visitors see the virtual work request widget they do not need to download anything. The same is true for the virtual lobby, no downloads, no apps.

How is the widget installed?

Two lines of code. Login to your dashboard to find them.

Can I change the prompts/questions my customers see while submitting pictures and videos?

Yes. Let's say you need a picture of the model number plate. You can customize a prompt which instructs the user to take a picture of that area.

Does an end-user has to pay anything for the service?

No. Your customers don't pay anything to submit a virtual work request or use the virtual lobby.

Can we change the theme and of widget according to our brand?

Yes. Colors and logos can be modified within the dashboard.

How does billing for the virtual lobby work?

A virtual lobby (live video meetings) is included in each plan. For all paid plans, the lobby can be used for up to 2 hours totally free. The 2 hours can be comprised of many shorter meetings, for example: 12 meetings each 10 minutes = 120 minutes (2 hours). After 2 hours, the billing is $7/hr. If the virtual lobby was used 5 hours in a month, the total cost would be equal to:
(5-2)= 3 * $7/hr = $21

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